Sunday, July 19, 2009


The CD cover that I've owned.

Last night, I jumped to the couch to watch a documentary 'Asian Horror' (I forgotten the title). I was glad that they are actually focusing on Japan's and Korea's horror flick movies. I was watching excitedly as they finally revealed 'Ringu'. Japan's highest grossing horror movie and the most frightening horror movie. Definitely very successful and the Americans had finally certified Sadako as one of the most horrifying classic figure. Even the Japanese wouldn't dare to turn on their TV for days and some died of watching it. (heart attack). Nobody could have thought that presenting a young woman with very long hair that covers her face, crawling out from the TV with ala robots malfunction and deformed nails could be a success.

This movie was so popular till my dad bought the original version and at that time, I was still Chinese illiterate. Hence, I can only watch the whole movie without understanding the Chinese subtitles. I couldn't sleep for 5 days after watching it and wouldn't dare to go near the television. Remember the ghost that crawl out from the television and the creepy cursed video tape. It creeps me out of the hell. From that on, I wouldn't dare to touch or look at the CD's cover. I was 8 years old back then.

Scenes from the cursed video tape to where she came out

By year 2002, the Hollywood remake the movie for ang mohs. I was... happy of course as now they have English version and hopefully have the same story as the same director was directing the movie. Finally, it's on air, I bought the VCD and watched it alone. Oh geez, to my disappointment, story line wasn't that interesting and Samara did not have explosive history unlike Sadako's story and the ghost looks uglier. Wow...

Somehow, the original 'Ringu' is still the best and wanting to watch it all over again. Watch it during the night and off the lights with blanket. Awesome!

Meanwhile, CSI is on! 3 cities in one day!

I shall end this post with cuter Sadako.

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