Saturday, July 25, 2009


Cliches and cliches. It's everywhere and apparently, I just refuse to accept it and live my way. I wouldn't want another new forms to intrude my current comfortable zone. I had finally settle down with my newly comfort zone. It's either the cliche is giving me goosebumps or making me to puke. I was about to embark for another new adventure and it's making me to nauseate again. Apart from being disgusted by the 'he-thinks-he's-so-good' highest position bitch, I'm also repel by the predictable event that had occurred. That's why I stayed out of the limelight. I want to spend time with my oldies, hopefully that I live life without regrets and sorrows.

McD in Hutan Rekreasi, anyone?

Neil Sedaka- Laughter in the Rain.

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