Saturday, August 1, 2009


After my last mid term paper, Macroeconomics, Nik and I decided to catch up some movies. Too bad Meera and Nisak couldn't join us for the movies.

We headed to MBO cinema as it's nearer and surprisingly, there's some cheerleading competition among primary schools I think. I couldn't spot my school but I saw my teacher and I don't think she recognized me.

It's been like ages for me and Nik to crave for 1901 hotdogs, apparently, they changed the name to Lucky 19 and the food. Luckily, I didn't get one for myself cause after Nik had it, she said it wasn't the 1901 hotdog although they claimed its 1901.

Then, we headed to McD's dessert outlet to have our Oreo McFlurry to smuggle into the cinema. Well, it wasn't that bad after all. Ice Age 3. Seems humorous and it is but I understand why the critics gave it a C+ along with Transformers. Both of us were like a child, running excitingly to the cinema as if it's been ages we have not been to cinema. xD.

Anyways, the cinema is extremely cold and I am wearing shorts plus Oreo McFlurry. How insanely freezing we can get!

After we came out from the cinema, we decided to take some pictures. Just some pictures for the upcoming movies that we wanted to watch it. I took the guts to do it in the public with lesser crowds.

Inglorious Basterds

I adore him for one reason, his shoulders. Ahaks.

The Wayan's brothers next movie, Dance Flick Movie.

Ice Age 3, Nik's cammie has a better picture of what I'm doing

I forgotten what movie is this called.

Ryan Reynolds is so hot and I want to propose to him.

Lastly, happy (to so called) holidays for a week.


sl said...

haha..last picture funny^^by the way.. i fever d

danielle said...

haha. i know u r having fever. but which fever r u referring to?