Sunday, July 12, 2009

What would be your last words to me?

Before leaving the campus, I saw a full pure black cat. (I'm not taboo to it). Then, it occurred to me where death stalks my mind. I wish to ask everyone, what if I'm gone forever, what would be your last word to me? Even though the whole question was circling around me, but I felt like crying. Crying for pathetic. Eventually, I didn't sing along in the car, my mouth wanted to sing but I just refuse to sing it. Life is short. I just wouldn't want to be remember, hoping that I can leave the place with dignity.

I'm sitting right here and pouring all my melancholy. It seems to be so random and dithering, I questioned myself where it all began? I'm trying to work on my responsibilities yet each time I failed to remember my responsibilities. Could it be me unconsciously to runaway from the reality? In few years time, I might ended up some woman whose mind is still trapt in her teenage years.

This evening, I came home with sadness. Honestly, I have been observing everyone. Sorry for being observance, that's me. They have unleashed themselves and I just wish to left the place early but that would be irresponsible for me to leave without saying goodbye. Chicken. I was understood that reading my blog seems to be bringing negative chi to my readers as I could have been constantly emotional. This resulted ignorance towards me.

Once you hate a person, what would you do? Still acting nice to the person that you hate or totally ignore them when they started talking to you? What would you do? Still being nice with them as you can misuse them to achive your goals?

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