Sunday, July 19, 2009

Again.. MJ

I happened to be reminiscing the scenes from Michael Jackson's memorial service and John Mayer was big part of the scene. He was playing Human Nature and the song kept rewind forth and back. The song is just too humanistic to be skip in my playlist. It was rendezvous and touching and I don't which part that touches my heart. The noon, I managed to practice Thriller just to kill my ultimate wish in the list. The whole noon, I was listening to MJ's playlist especially We Are The World and Man In The Mirror. Man In The Mirror had showed me that the song is MJ's real emotions and that was the last song played in his memorial service and was sobering again over his death. Life still moves on.

Alright, I found new show to be catch on. LEVERAGE. Like Ocean's but within an hour.


~rachel~ said...

OOoo...LEVERAGE!!! haha... yay! I like Elliot. Guess who plays him?!?!?!?

danielle said...

No wonder he looks familiar with the FBI in the movie 'Taxi'. I was guessing the whole time and I was right. Bravo!