Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lost hobby- Stars

In the midst of cramping all the essential points for the next mid term test, origami struck into my mind especially paper stars and paper crane.

When I was in my early adolescent, I used to love to fold paper stars because I believe that by folding to 999 of paper stars, dreams come true. *laughing*. Apparently, it's just some way of advertising and back then, I rather spend my money to buy strips of colorful papers that is made for folding paper stars. It's not cheap and I saved my money everyday to accumulate till Friday just to buy it. Even my 11th birthday, I received a small bottle of stars from my friends which is colorful. I even recalled back that the origami paper of crane hs wonderful patterns and it's beautiful although I lost most of the papers.

Folding the paper stars has been a part of my 'any- papers-will-do-to-make-it-into-stars' whenever I see any papers around even though it's in white color, perhaps it can be consider as part of my hobbies. I have two little jars that's filled with my stars and I love stars.

Now, it makes me wanna catch up with the old hobbies again. It helps me to reduce my anxiety in me as well.

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