Saturday, July 25, 2009

XX fell off from her bed

I fell asleep while understanding Financial Management 2 which is the next paper. Monday. Yea, manage to finish one chapter out of four chapters so blogging is part of my reward for myself. Blogging only. It's been a month. 'Phew'. Minus the tutorials part. It's gonna take forever if I'm still here hanging with my beloved PC.

It's sad to hear that XX fell off from her bed. Poor here. Only one and a half decade old is already walking up and down swiftly. Amazed. To catch her, you got to put on your sport shoes. Thank goodness, the bump on her head had vanish. I've to wait till Mooncake Festival just to see her and her family. It's too long to wait for that celebration as this year's Chinese calendar, there is an extra fifth month or double month. That's too long for me to see them.

Upcoming so called holidays is going to be brainstorming and uptight week in order to accomplish my assignments. The best part is I'm going to practice Thriller dance with couple of videos for guidance.

Days ago, I was browsing my phone's dictionary and guess what I found? Sadistic. Well, I've heard the word before and assume it was derived from the word 'Sad'. Little did I knew, the definition was shocking to me. The joy of looking at the word was totally hilarious. The least I could have thought.

PYT (Pretty Young Thing)

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