Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Frigging boring in the class

Nik, Nisak, Meera and Me

Nik, Nisak and me

The best part of today was wondering if I have been receiving gifts almost every week. Haha.. yeah. Today's class seems to be off side for me because instead of listening to my lecturer, I was busy reading my notes, taking pictures with Nik and Nisak, listening to their chitty chats and laughing all the way till classes end. We weren't really paying attention in the class after all. Thanks to Nisak for the penyu keychains. Adorable and chic. Haha. Don't blame me, the class after all is just too frigging boring. Especially when you meet a lecturer with Russell Peters Chinese accent.

Last week, Nik gave me an indeed classic surprise. A gift from her trip to overseas. London. Well, a t-shirt, a pen and a box of chocolates. She knew I am a chocoholic. Haha. Snickers to her was like RM 0.50. Thank you so much Hunny.

Nik's classic double decker pencil case

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