Saturday, July 11, 2009


Pinkish and orange-ish colors splattered across the sky with perfect radiant. Lila with her hands full of books walking slowly to enjoy the evening sky. As she was crossing from a building to another, she saw someone familiar, Drew. Then, she gave her friendly smile gesture towards her friend. Her friend greeted her and offered her help to carry her books. As they were walking, Lila noticed that he was unusual good looking in his new clothes. Instead of mocking him, she gave him compliments that made him doubting about sarcastic.

Both of them walked down the pathway along with the vivid colors of the sky. Along the journey, Drew kept complaining about his difficulties in his work while Lila was listening to his pitiful complaints. As they were walking, Lila noticed his newly cut hair and began to make descriptions of his hair in her mind. As their destination is getting closer, Lila thought of giving him a pat and a brush on his back and his hair. Suddenly, Lila noticed his lips and felt like giving him a peck.

His lips looks watery and red. She wants to comfort him by giving him a peck on his cheek but it seems all wrong. Eventually, Lila requested for a portrait photos with him before they depart by using their hand phone. Although their portrait photos didn't turn out good but Lila was glad to jot down another photo from a friend into her album. Before they depart at the end of the day, Lila eventually gave him a gentle brush over his back to console him from difficulties and troubles. Before he leave, he gave her an advised to be careful with her new journey to her next destination. She smiled and said thank you for the walk. Lila continued her second journey with one big grateful smile. Although, Drew and Lila belong to normal friends only but she's glad there's someone to walk with her to end her day. Few hours later, she lost her photos that she had shot it with Drew but the photos remain in her memories forever.

To Lila, Drew is someone that brings different kinds of excitement to enlighten her. However, Drew and Lila remained the same box despite of their compatibalities. Yet, Lila doesn't want to know what one thinks of her. To be love or to be hate, let her decide but Lila knew that she doesn't deserves to be love and by only loving herself is her solace to comfort. She ends her regretness with polaroids as long as everyone is living with their life. Lila is ready for all her haters.

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