Monday, April 20, 2009

Who says Monday is always Black?

Monday wasn't that black after all, despite all the bloody hell assignments that murdered my precious brain cells.

I had met many people today that lighten up my tensions.

I need to thank my BBF team mates for being so cooperative especially Nik and Jason. Without you guys, I think I probably ended up in the psychiatrist's consultation room. haha...

After Jason submitted in the CD, I felt relieved and all I did in class was talking, blabbing, spouting and annoying to everyone around me. Probably the most annoying person in class. Yea. What do you expect when I'm so relieved.

Then, I managed to catch up with SC and YW for dinner. It's glad to see them although we're missing out SL. Great dinner by the way.

All my assingments are almost done. Wee...

Got to catch up with old friends and one far away relative who eventually stress out I think.

Haha.. that's it. Wait for more pictures and videos from me. I'll upload it soon.

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