Friday, April 17, 2009

It's weekend.

So many flashbacks had appeared that eventually disrupted my studies and this explains why I whine that I rolled the dice again on my answers. My basic instincts had went blind. *Pfft*

I recap many scenes from my flashbacks as though white lights. Scary enough? Nah. That was just some metaphor and that's enough to make you ponder. Consequences: I felt so bad for being such a bad friend and useless.

Abud was right. I need to read more books. I can sense that my usage of language had been deteriorating.

Few days ago, I found some interesting and hopeful enough from the science facts that Walking can make you become smarter as it stimulates one's brain. I walked everyday, climbed those stairs and yet, I can't find myself smart enough to get logic. Books, perhaps reading may help me stimulate my brains.

Believe me or not. I train myself to be more discipline with time management, I shall reduce the time I spent sitting in front of the computer. Try 'time watching' me.
Things that I might do is to upkeep my achievements, spend more time with love ones, finishing tasks, doing things that I've been longing to do and yea...

40 minutes on the 10 ridiculous calculating questions. I'm impress actually. My brain wasn't functioning well 'aftermath'. Haha.. so forgive me for looking so blind and blur.

Whom to blame huh? I went to Jusco twice yesterday. I knew and I was doomed. At least, no more pin pointing games in the house. My guiltiness did not overcame the determination. *Sigh* Yet, I managed to finish it in the evening and short term memory happens to occur.

Queen of Langkasuka. Ananda Everingham. *Dreaming*

Him. Why? Bland enough.

Breakfast and Lunch... way beyond the kilometres.

Coconut Milk Shake or Coconut Shake (whatever lar). Tasty and refreshing. Worth the RM3.

Back to the origin of my hobby, reading.

It's weekend. Junkies.



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