Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I've been receiving so much text messages today and my inbox had reached more than 500. Too much to be deleted anyways.

Last night, I listened to the recording again that was recorded from my genius buddy, SL. I laughed before I went to sleep and that was all bullshits and baloney.

Tuesday is indeed a very long day for me. My day ends at 9pm and that explains why I'm so weary. The 8pm class can be fun if I found the right person to be mischievous. Honestly, that class starts late and ends early. Pointless for me as I did not concentrate well in the class. Haha...

Well, I got aeroplaned today and almost pissed off. I text, miss called and called yet, still got no reply. Totally irresponsible and I had to rot my mouth by swearing. Yet again, I overreacted as that causes me to wait like a fool for 5 minutes. Ok lar, maybe I have been late before but at least I send them notice.

I, finally took the patience to listen to John Mayer's album without skipping the songs that I least like. I felt calm listening to John Mayer's songs although I have no idea what is the song trying to convey as I did not concentrate. Haha... concentrate.

I'm busy, everyone is busy. Spare time anyone?

Word of the day: Yearning.

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