Friday, April 24, 2009

Last weekend summarization

Last week Saturday, I went back to Tangkak as the Chinese radio station had came down to my grandma's hometown.

On the way, this is what I encountered.

Moo moo

The concert or the show

Stars like The Astro Talent Quest 2008 Champion (A tomboy) came to the show, Zhang Qi Zhen and Huang Yi Fei (the man who sang 'If I got a million' in
hokkien) were invited to mark the 4th anniversary for this radio station. Ai Fm.

Spotted her candid. (the winner). We waved towards her and she replied.

Zhang Qi Zhen

Huang Yi Fei

Although, those pictures are blur but it's something for me to proof.

The next day, I accompanied Genius Lim to the orphanage house and it was fun there. The kids are adorable. This orphanage house keeps children who are orphans, came from a broken family and abandoned children. The fact that when you are there, you can sense there are happy and fun atmosphere around. Not just any sober and depress amotsphere. Genius Lim had fun playing soccer and sepak takraw with them while I showed concern those kids. This orphange only accepts boys but the organization do accept girls and they are usually place in Rawang. I don't know what's the name and the address but it is somewhere in Jln. Tengkera.

Those lucky children are well disciplined and good manners.

Ala... malunya...

Like that mar... sporting sikit lar.

Take 1

Take 2

Jom.. let's kick some balls..

They love soccer too much. Even basketball can become soccer ball's substitute. Kudos.

The friendly staffs.

Bend it like Genius and the kids

Although they are orphans but they are happy and glad that they are able to be independent. Most of them are happy there as they found new hope in life and that keeps them to spread their smiles and joys. Have heart for the orphans.

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