Saturday, April 4, 2009

FUNd Raising

It's about the weekend or it's weekend already. Anyways, I have a summary for my weekdays.
So, we had organized fund raising to raise funds for our upcoming event.
It was all FUNd raising. I had so much fun although I was supposed to be in charge of the whole fund raising. Eventually, I ended up sweating and walking up and down the whole venue. Haha...
Our stalls are divided according to divisions:
Sponsorship & Marketing: Fried ice cream and herbal eggs
Publicity: Curry Fishballs
Games & Competitions: Mini Games
Multimedia: Murukus
Program & Protocol: Popcorn
Skill & Development: Drinks
Special Task: Doughnuts
Coupons: Non divisions high committees
My division overall had done well and I am really proud of it although I have few working committees. They had done well to help out. Besides, I want to thank BH, YW, SL and SC for preparing foods, drinks and equipments for other divisions and mine as well even though they are not related to my division. Thank you so much for your willingness to help. Love you all to the max. Haha...
Nothing much I can say but we had fun! Laughter, pranks and so on within us. Besides, I can also see that the bonds between the high committees had gotten closer... Hmm... maybe among us lar...

Left: Jerry Right: KL.
One thing particular funny was Jerry was so enthusiastic to play the mini games as we have so many free games from the coupons that we had bought. He was like a child, trying to beat scores from the Special Task. Picture below here is the coupons that we had gathered and collected from ourselves. Imagine how much coupons we had bought. Of course, our lunch are all consist of junk foods and we do have proper meals from the vendors. The vendors that we called in were nice people. Offered us free 'kebab'.

Yea, so the Special Task had earned so many points which was around 11,000++. It was registered under the name of DR. WONG @ Derrick. (Self claimed: they cheated). Jerry could have won. Haha... So, the picture below here is the Special Task division. Dr. Wong is the one with glasses and in white color t-shirt.

My assisstant, BH and the treasurer, SL @ Michelle @ Julia @ Melissa. Haha... They were suppose to be on their duty and see... they were there to curi tulang. Haha... Hung and Lee. Hahaha... Joking.

My division. All of them except Ken Arif. He is a funny guy. Haha. My another assisstant, YW, the one in blue polo tee. Anti clockwise: (red) Ern Rou, Joyce, Pinyi and (yellow) Kaichi. These people are very cute and funny yet they are dedicated to the fund raising. Kudos.

Not really all of us were in the picture but these were the people that took care of the cash, fighting over music... (me & Jerry lar), laughing and so on.

Left to Right: Jerry, Yun Fei, SL, SC, YW, me, Augustine, KL and BH.

We had nicknamed for certain people but sorry to say that I can't disclose those names till I have the permission. Haha...

What do you think of this pair of slipper? It got broken when SC was playing mini games. Initially, they had her slipper stapled but it still didn't work. Thus, this is what you get for stronger bonds. DUCT TAPE. I think red duct tape should be better looking.

Lastly, I had my hand, not really burnt but I accidentally touched something HOT and it had blister on it.

Lastly, thank you to my director for accompany me to the government's offices. Luckily, everything was sold off and we had earned our profit. Somehow, I still got blamed for choosing the wrong things to be sell. Well, I have to proclaim that it wasn't my fault as that person in charge weren't there and too ignorant to find an alternative.
Anyways, I'm so sorry if I ever said or acted harsh to you all and sorry for certain division for not taking pictures. I was too idiotic to realize the canggih hand phone of mine has camera.

Thank you so much everyone. So sayang you all la...


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