Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dedication to SC

Present for our beloved SC that was meant to fit her hand phone.

Last night, we had a post mortem meeting for fund raising. It was supposed to be a very belated birthday for SC. I saved this post just for her. The plan didn't go well as we couldn't pin point to her. She is too good to be scolded. Haha...
I wanna blame Derrick and Jerry too. They were supposed to blame and scold her. Too bad, it didn't worked out. Coincidentally, I had so many phone calls that night and I didn't manage to start. Haha...The god had changed our plan. In the end, we turned off the lights and bring in the cake. Besides, we also celebrated for Nilson who apparently was also on the last day of March.

Yea, looking as though I wanna throw him the 2nd piece of cake.

After blowing candles and all the usual rituals, we had cake throwing session that was not in the rituals. Haha... youngsters nowadays. Cake was meant to be eaten and not play. Thank goodness, I wasn't any of the victim. SC who was the starter had it on Derrick. 2nd, Nilson from SC. 3rd, SC from Nilson and Derrick. 4th, SL from Derrick (she threw her cake towards Derrick back). 5th, Jerry (his clothes got almost torn off) from YW. 6th YW from Jerry.
After that, they went all the way to toilet and the menaces were still going on. They played with water. Then, they all headed to cafe for further celebrations. Haha...

Take 1
SC and Nilson

Take 2

Take 3 (finally)

It's really hard to take pictures for both of them. 3 takes. *pening*

With the girls and one almost ah gua with the tennis racket.

With the guys
Take 1

Take 2

Take 3... finally... again

It's really hard to take proper picture for her when she is with the opposite sex as they kept pulling pranks on her.

Cake cut by Derrick looks 'appealing' enough. Haha.. Ok, better than me at least.

Finally, Dr. Wong @ Derrick. Haha... Almost creamed by him. Haha

Finally, the room is filled with cakes and cream that they had overthrown. Haha... Yet, we managed to clean the room as we are responsible people. Hoho

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