Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hurtfully painful

I am so into John Mayer's songs. Since, I'm broke so, I find ways to entertain myself and it does helps me a lot. It helps me to be unrealistic for a time being. Sensibility is what I've earned and through this, I got to see things beyond my expectations that draw the smiles on my face unknowingly. Although, I still have 3 assignments to rush and 2 midterms to end before the finals, yet, I still try to arrange it in orderly. Somehow, there are opportunities that always came in wrong time. My personal task had added on more responsibilities. I, somehow, wanted to reject but felt guilty.

I don't know how to describe my stress. Sometimes, I feel like scolding, crying and just breakdown into pieces. Again, the world still moves on. So, I stand up straight to hide all those shits. No one will sympathize the weak ones and even if they do, it's hurtful. Sometimes, it just so painful to reminiscience everything painful and it gets harder whenever you see someone who is facing the same fate.

So, why not smile and laugh everyday?

Was listening to John Mayer's concert 'Where the Light is'- I don't trust myself in loving you.

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love pen said...

i will stand beside u , and hold ur shoulders uprite =3 , wat for if i stepped on u while u are down rite ? hehehe i shud pull u up so u can pull me up when im down , wuuu huuuu now pull me up , something bad is gonna happen this saturday .... hmmm jus got back from campus , 2 am leh ... hahaha