Monday, April 6, 2009

Not off my ethics

Ta-da... Just finished searching for inspirations and back to here.

Well, after reading a friend of mine's blog, I felt sorry and wanted to show my concern but it's still the best for me to stay out of it as I am not close to her. So... *silent for a moment*...ok.

One thing, I still can remember vividly regarding the trauma that I had was I almost or indirectly received a sexual harassment. *Laughing*. Seriously, I think that had offended my respect perspective. Way beyond my moral ethics... for a guy's point. I felt offended as my friend wasn't being respectful. I pissed off every time I thought about it... that made me conclude some assumptions. Disrespectful, taking advantage. Thanks to Jonathan for enlighten me and I do have the rights. I should have just slapped right on his face to signal him. Haha...Eventually, I gave him a hard slap on his back. Damn... Luckily, I was conscious and did not fell into the trap. I was there cursing in my mind, 'What the fuck had just happened?'... Maybe I've been exaggerating but it's still against my ethics unless I give the permission and have the status. That was the mild one and onwards, I have to be cautious. Haha... Not too conservative but balancing the thoughts will do. I can play as wild and mad like rollercoaster's ride but if we don't obey the law of body's ability, we might ended up horrible sickness and unforgettable traumas.
There is a witness but I'm not going to elaborate much about it.
So, my instinct was right then. It worked.

Anyways, men are all equally players and they can't stay to one.

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