Monday, April 6, 2009

Craving with un-crave

I was craving for ice- cream yesterday, initially, I ate 2 ice creams to fulfill my craves. Sundae Cone. Oh, that leads me to crave for McD's Fillet O Fish and I ended to get one this evening. I was so enthusiastic to have it so much... Little did I knew, when I reached home, I did not enjoy the burger. All this is because I realized I have tonnes of assignment to finish and did not managed to take the time to sit down-stare-enjoy-licking off the tartar sauce on my upper lips-showing satisfaction face... that whole thing. Hence, I gulped down my burger and I found out that McD's fries went soggy and tasteless. Eww... Worthless. I can't taste the fish.

Today, I went to campus earlier than usual to get a better parking space. Well, like the Chinese proverbs always say,'The early bird will always get the worm'. I followed the proverbs... When I reached there, it still make no difference with the afternoon session parking that was really full that even have creative parkers. Fuck. Therefore, I was destined to walk and walk and walk from the farest parking lots to the concourse. Am I naive?

I wonder if my friends had pulled a prank on me. *shaking head*. April Fool had over, my birthday is drawing far yet, Halloween is still far far away. Thinking about it again, I'm really shocked and I laughed in the library. Speechless and thoughtless.

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