Friday, April 3, 2009

Twillight ???

I just don't understand why the movie 'Twillight' is phenomenal by right, I think the novel is better than the movie. Even guys fell in love with the romance movie.. yea. I classified it as romance movie but not comedy as I think the whole movie is just dark. My goodness... ok. I have not watch the movie yet and everyone claimed that the movie is just so romantic. *Scratching head*. My classmates whom were guys, kept telling me the movie is good and yet, I just don't understand why. *Pfft* You see, even guys fall for the movie. By the way, I don't think Robert Pattinson is good looking. He just look freaking pale.. they claimed that he is a vampire who doesn't want to suck the blood of the woman that he love. So, that's why he is freaking pale. He looks woody to me. Enough said.

Thus, there shall be the sequel of it as the main actor too handsome, according to some Robert Pattinson fans. Yet, I still deny. Haha...

Maybe I will watch that movie after the phenomenal atmosphere has gone although it's already gone.

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