Friday, April 10, 2009

John Mayer

The 50th post under the label of Entertainment.

Dedicated to my beloved NIK and John Mayer!

Talented guitarist and composer.

The arrangement below are according to my most favorable regardless of their albums.

1) Neon (catchy and had million of repetitions)

2) Clarity (dreaming of Coney Island)

3) I don't trust myself (with loving you)

4) Vulture

5) Stop this train

6) Split Screen Sadness

7) Wheel

8) Heart of Life

9) Slow Dancing in a burning room

10) City Love

Usually, I don't really like watching concerts. Recently, John Mayer brought me to his concerts. It changed my thoughts. His concerts are unusual. So, I'm wondering if there is anyone own the DVD? *Heart* John Mayer's songs. He is one real musician.

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