Thursday, April 23, 2009

Come and go

Feeling dizzy and giddy as though experiencing sea sick. What could be the cause of it? Insufficient sleep will be more precise and dehydration???

Anyways, just a short news.

Everything that revolves around me had came back and went away (sounded as if eroding). What came back is all from the past. That had triggered back my memories that I decided to never unearth it yet, sometimes I questioned myself, could it have been that way? Is it meant to be like this?
Although I must say that it surprised me these few days and I've been so excited to embrace it but I can't see the consequences behind it. It could be me the one to be the next victim even though I tried to sought things out. Somehow, I failed as I give in easily when it comes to emotions.

Kids today are indeed very fortunate. Born with naturally silver spoon in their mouth. Indeed lucky and SPOILED.
That is the vulnerability and matters are getting complicating due to the confusion between reality and fantasy. It sucks.

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