Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So much for the vow

The whole messages during wee hours had mingling around in my head the whole evening. It's been five years. Is the so called vow coming true? I hope not. I've more happenings to witness and experience in the future and I hope I won't be stuck to one and only. It's not that I'm reminiscing but could it be Karma? It was indeed not worth for me to reminiscence it back. It only resulted mentally tormenting. I hope I ain't thinking too much and will never occur beyond my expectations. I just couldn't be bother anymore and only wants to go beyond my capabilities.

Is either I remain unnoticeable, silent or leave bad impression. But, who cares anyway, I still got tonnes of experiences to go through in the future. Leave it!
I still wonder what slowed me down for the rise of name.


1 comment:

love pen said...

hmmm its okay to think bak alittle ... haha ... i got a little bit blur when i read ur blog this morning till jus now ... haha