Monday, April 27, 2009

!OO Question for fun

Tag Tag Tag with 100 questions. Wee... Got tagged by Jasmine.

001. Real Name: Lim Yih Ying
002. Nickname(s): Danielle, Dan, Yih Ying, Big Bird, Dam Dam, Daniel, Ying, Miying, Sustagen
003. Age: Almost two decades. Countdown within days
004. Horoscope: Golden cow and that's where I got my stubbornness. TAURUS!
005. Male or Female: Female
006. Elementary: PDS Kindergarten
007. Middle School: PDS Primary School, Notre Dame (a week) and Convent Infant Jesus
008. High School: Infant Jesus Convent High School
009. College School: Multimedia University Melaka Campus @ MMU (there are so many meanings in this abbreviation including Money Making U. Ahaks)
010. Hair colour: Almost back to black
011. Long or Short: How do you define short in Asia?
012. Loud or Quiet: It depends on the current mood, friends and the atmosphere.
013. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans
014. Phone or Camera: To be realistic, why not combine both?
015. Health Freak: Recently no. If you find new posts in the middle of the night... it proves everything alright.
016. Drink or Smoke: Drink would be better.
017. Do you have a crush on someone: You are not stupid
018. Eat or Drink: Balancing it. I need drinking... my body needs WATER!
019. Piercings: :Let's restrict it to ears only.
020. Tattoos: Nope. I ain't want to look at them when my fleshes get saggy. Ewww...
021. Social or Anti-Social: Both
022. Righty or lefty: Righty but I'm trying to train the other side.
023. First piercing: Ears
024. First relationship: *Zip*
025. First Best Friend: ugh... Brunei kindergarten classmates... what's her name?
026. First Award: Don't have one
027. First Kiss: Dad of course, straight after I was born lar...
028. First Pet: Dad's fishes consider?
029. First Big Vacation: Brunei.. Haha..
030. First Love at first sight: Photography!
031. First Big Birthday: Every year is big
032. First Surgery: Hopefully and thankful no.
033. First sport you joined: Athletics and I die down onwards.
034. Orange or Apple juice: Orange when sour taste buds is yearning, Apple when sweet taste buds demand it.
035. Rock or Rap: According to Musicthatmakesyoudumb, Rock is better than rap (in short)
036. Country or Screamo: Country
037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys: N'sync. It's way off better to name your boyband without boys when you're men by the time you released album in ten years later.
038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera: Britney is stupid bitch.
039. Night or Day: Night allows everyone to commit their 7 sins.
040. Sun or Moon: Moon is where the magic happens.
041. TV or Internet: Internet.. blog. TV to freeze the brain.
042. Playstation or xbox: Can I have both?
043. Kiss or hug: Kiss shows affection
044. Iguana or turtle: Fuck reptiles!!! haha. Turtles are better.
045. Spider or bee: Spider signifies darkness while bee means diligence and sweet.
046. Fall or spring: Fall.
047. Limewire or iTunes: Danitunes
048. Soccer or baseball: soccer!!!!
049. Eating: chocolates
050. Drinking: my saliva... my tumbler is so far away from my distance.
051. Excitement level: Usually, riding roller coaster, the excitement level stops at the 'almost to the climax'.
052. I'm about to: bath???
053. Listening to: Coincidentally, John Mayer- Neon (Live from LA)
054. Plan for today: Study and brain storming for money
055. Waiting for: Leo to come up with surprises
056. Energy Level: Didn't have coffee so what do you think?
057. Thinking of someone: I'm thinking of something
058. Want kids?: Of course....
059. Want to get married?: Hopefully and if God is willing
060. When?: You tell me...*pfft*
061. How many kids do you want: It depends on the environment which includes financial situation, the size of the house, the size of the car and the ability of me to conceive... hahaha
062. Any name on the mind: name starting wit the alphabet : -~- Nil
063. What did you want to be when you were little: POLICE!!!
064. Careers in mind: Millionaire???
065. Mellow future or wild: Let's not plan for future, plan for surprise.
066. Something you would never try: Being stupid and cheap??? I have my own dignity.
067. When do you want to die: When everything is in order and shapely.
068. Lips or Eyes: Lips. My eyes recently had became panda eyes.
069. Romantic or Funny?: If you're asking me, I'm neither of them. If you're asking about my future love interest, both will do good.
070. Shorter or Taller?: It's enough.
071. Protective or Caring?: Both
072. Romantic or Spontaneous?: I want to be spontaneous.
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: Can I have both?
074. Sensitive or Loud?: I can be sensitive when you get on my nerves.
075. Hook-up or Relationship?: *ZIP*
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant?: Trouble maker
077. Muscular or normal: Normal.
078. Kissed a stranger: Mad mad world out there.
079. Broken a bone: Thankfully no.
080. Lost glasses or contacts: Thank my mum for having eyes without glasses
081. Ran away from home: Noooohhh!!!! Good girl aight
082. Held a gun/knife for self defence: Knife lar... Gun need license where troublesome process need to be done and having it illegal is dangerous.
083. Killed somebody: Who is so stupid to admit here?
084. Broken some one's heart: Whose heart?
085. Had your heart broken: Yeah...
086. Been arrested: Nope
087. Cried when someone died: Almost
089. Do you believe in yourself: Of course when I know it will happen. When it's not, try to low down yourself.
090. Miracles: You help me to define and I believe it.
091. Love at first sight: Nonono.
092. Heaven: Beautiful
093. Santa Claus: To make kids sleep early on the eve of Christmas so that parents can pretend to be Santa by filling those socks.
094. Tooth Fairy: I wish you exist and I would punch those jerks till their teeth are broken.
095. Kiss in the first date: Nope
096. Angels: Oh where?
097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: I want to be alone for a while
098. Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now?: Almost there.
099. Do you believe in God?: Of course I do...
100. Post this as 100 truths and tag 10 people.



nazu said...

i'll to this tag after my last midterm test.

love pen said...

i read and read ... till i jumped ... ah a HA my name ... better do these questions now den to read finish WTF 100 QUESTIONS =.=