Tuesday, April 14, 2009

scenes in a day

Tomorrow is Malacca's Historical Day or Malacca's Declaration of Historical City day which means holidays for those who are in Malacca. Still, not a day for celebration as I've got a test coming up and I might spend my time rushing for 3 freaking assignments. 3 I think.

I fell down from stairs today as everyone was rushing to get out from the class. If you were guessing that you'll probably be embarrass by that freak accident, I didn't feel any humiliation too since I believe there were numbers of witnesses there. The only thing I felt was the pain on my leg. Yea, I still feel the pain.

So, I sat down in class and was talking to a friend of mine. Suddenly, I started to question him the non related and legally above 18 questions and it was hilarious. Seriously hilarious.

My debate went successfully today even though our lecturer sort of reluctant to announce the winners. However, I was glad that my team had won the hearts of two judges from our beloved classmates. They stated that our points are strong and we were firm with our judgments and even the proposition was confused with their points. Before that, my team mates and I were confuse and scare that we might run out of the topic. Yet, we are still in the circle after all. I have to say that I wasn't debating emotionally as I can still feel the pain in my throat which I was really uncomfortable with it. Yet, I manage to go through after all. My lecturer had commented on me that I was okay and fine. Haha...

Oh yea, have to thank Jonathan for repairing the mock pencil although it's not fully glue to it. JS and HY for the souvenir from their recent vacation and the formulas. My lecturer for minor modifications. Thank goodness, she was kind enough for me to lessen my job. Lastly, my buddies for coming up to pick up the cheque. Haha...

Last night, I went FB-ing between my breaks, I did the quizzes which I found interesting and all I could say is that those quizzes aren't true. They are just freaking unreal and not been recognized. Stupid. Then, commenting here and there.

So, now I shall off for academics matter for the time being.



Su Yi said...

ah, i wish i was back in melaka now to enjoy the holiday hahaha :)

congrats on ur debate!

love pen said...

hoo hoo sorry ar , the glue seems to b a bit weak ... is it glued fine ?

Dani-Elle said...

susu: yea. btw, today is jusco member day. fullhouse siot..haha

jon:ok lar. thanks