Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ebay-ing for unnecessary

Right now, I finally learned how to browse to EBay. What triggered me to reach there was I'm looking for John Mayer's DVD. Currently, I'm a little bit obsessed with his concert, 'Where the light is'. It amazed me.

I wiki him yesterday and little did I knew that there are more albums that he had released than what I've been collecting so far.

Neon, has another version and that is the original one.

So, I went all the way to EBay to check the price listing. Mahal giler. OhMyGoodness. Maybe RM 40++ is acceptable but RM 100++! Now, tell me, the DVD is made out of gold or some Mars rocks is it?

Ish... ish...I found the cheaper price but was required to bid. Tell me, how am I suppose to bid when that price is distinctively outrageous!


bing hung said...

stupid..dl will do,what for waste the blood sweat money..
dl is actually legal as we pay also..

Dani-Elle said...

err... download... is fine but the feeling of owning the dvd is even cooler. haha