Saturday, April 18, 2009

Phone blues

Waking up in the wee hours to find out that my phone's memory is full and can't receive any message. This is the first time that the phone notify me that 'You better delete those shit files of yours before I go kaput!'. *Pfft*. I threw back my phone beside my pillow and went back to sleep.

However, this morning I got up and checked my phone. Still in the same situation. Hence, it leave me no choice but to delete those stupid files that I own. So, I browse through my inbox and I felt pity and lazy to clean up. What's next? I can't delete my songs and photos. I went straight to my sent box. Without any hesitation, I mark all of them and delete them in one shot. 545 messages that I had sent. Wonderful!

After that, the icon had disappeared. Thinking that I might have messages from my team mates during those wee hours. Who knew, for 6 hours I've been waiting and there is no single message pops. That costs me of additional useless worries from my team mates. Worrying for nothing after all. That icon that appeared which I thought there will be any messages for me was just a stupid warning.

So, got to go. Back to work. A story from my phone that looks canggih exteriorly.


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Su Yi said...

"You better delete those shit files of yours before I go kaput!"