Monday, April 13, 2009

Extended it's days

I was probably diagnosed with amnesia that particular moment. How can I be that stupid enough not to keep a backup file. The upcoming appointment definitely gonna make me double my job! Ish ish... Why did it happen? I thought and was confidence enough to pass it all without any next announcement. Who knew... almost the whole batch had been called back. That's what I can count of at least. *praying hard for no second redemption and minor modifications*.

The whole noon I was feeling a little bit nausea and fatigue as the sickness had extended it's days... extended it's days. The throat had swollen and for the first time, I'm beginning to feel that open my mouth to talk is an effort. Ish.... Reluctant to talk and think. My brain starts to function slowly. Yikes.... I'm having my debate tomorrow. How am I suppose to help my team? Pointing out my points.

I'm starting to let him go slowly and yea, I was thinking that he probably felt glad and felt lighter. Hmm...

Major and tremendous changes to do. Flexibility is one need to adapt themselves in this cruel world.

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