Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wedding Crasher

Just finished another movie. It's called 'Wedding Crashers'.

Their guts for crashing the non related weddings is definitely something what I call 'thick skin'. Searching for one night stand is their ultimate mission and they definitely know how to be likable person with their new identities every time they crash into a new wedding. That's American's way.

Malaysia, a country filled with colorful cultures and yada yada yada (there goes the uniqueness). Anyways, it's only applicable for Chinese. There are so many pantangs during the ceremony which is quite unusual and splendid.

The wedding dinner which I believed most of you all had been there before, Malaysian hour is widely recognized throughout the whole world. Nevertheless, we still can live up to such negara yang sedang maju. With the terms of punctuality, I guess most of them had obeyed them. When it's written 7pm, the range between 7-7.55 is still empty. However, after 8pm, seats can be seen slowly filled up. Wonderful. Malaysian (Time), Truly Asia.

I just don't understand why these people couldn't see the clock well. It's not like their clocks are running out of battery or something. It could be wedding crashers at that time around.

When there is a sign of 'No Smoking', shouldn't we are suppose to see non smokers at the specific area? Nono.. We still can see smokers everywhere despite the big big sign was posted it up on the wall. Again, I just don't understand why can't they see the sign there. Is the sign symbolizing no smoke from the cigarattes but from mouth???

Good movie anyways. Good reviews from the Rotten Tomatoes. So damn hilarious. By the way, I just realized who is Isla Fischer or is it Fisher? Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are the definite comedians.

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chris@dotagaki said...

Haha Malaysians =.= really make the country proud.