Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Apparently, my email account got hacked by some anonymous. Well, that's ok. Then, the hacker started to spread an email under my name. Thank goodness, Aunt Kelly called me to clarify the whole email thing. I quickly do the whole procedure and start to basic. The worst thing of all is my password has been changed. Damn it. I can't even log into my MSN. I can't retrieved my contacts and my mails. Who could have been hating me?

To my friends out there, if you've received such message, I advised you all that it's best to ignore the message or leave no sympathy. Here's how the letter looks like.


How are you doing today? Fine I presume. My reason for writing you an emergency mail is that I am currently in Perth Australia to visit my ill Aunt in Australia, she is suffering from a critical uterine Fibroid and needs family support to keep her going, her condition is deteriorating and the doctor told me that she will under-go a surgery to keep her alive because her fibroid has gotten worse (70 pounds Large) and has done a lot of damages to her abdominal area.

They demanded for the sum of ($3500 USD) because they are inviting professional surgeons from Israel to perform the (hysterectomy) operation. I need a financial help of ($1900 USD) from you to complete the money for her surgery, The money i have on me is ($1600) and I traveled with little cash because I didn't expect things to be the way it is right now. Cant access my bank account here in australia perth. I really need this money from you soon because I am in a terrible and tight situation here, I have short time to get the money before the surgeons arrive. Even if you can't afford the whole sum, I will appreciate whatever you are able to come up with, because I don't even know your financial status before asking you for money. I promise to pay you back when I return.

I need you to have the money transfer via the name of my sister who wanna have the surgary done. the money should be sent via western union money transfer or Money Gram Transfer on the following details, this ways its easier and faster for me to cash the money here in australia perth

Reciever Name: MELINDA LIM
Address:Parmelia hilton hotel.14 Mill Street,
Country:Australia 6000

Test Question:For What?
Test Answer:Bills.

Please As soon as you send the Money i will like you to email me the Below Details as Follows...

Full Sender Name:
Sender Country:
Amount Sent:

I am desperately waiting to read from you soon.

with regards

For those who knew me well, I don't have a sister or a sister named Melinda. Second, I'm currently in Malaysia not Perth. Third, I don't have any relatives in Australia. Hence, after reading this, it was totally ridiculous and my laughter lasted for 10 minutes. Again, please do not send any money to the culprit might as well send it to the charity. That culprit can't access to the bank account.. I can't access my domain email. Wonderful experience of my life. A significance of a new life... virtually.

Aunt Kelly went on with the prank. Hopefully the culprit reply my aunt.

Please do add me in MSN once you've received my mail in FB and Friendster. Thank you. For those of you who don't have my email add. Kindly notify me. :)

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