Tuesday, June 2, 2009


'Hey Hey You You'... that stupid opening of the song it's pretty annoying. I can't believe the new game that my brother just bought had this song in it! Argh.. at first, the song was like 'ok, that's something cool' and as it played almost everyday.. 'shut the fuck up!' The song's phenomenal is really outrageous and irritating. Two years ago, the song was released and it felt something fresh for the younger generations.. even ah bengs and ah lians love this song. However, this song is overrated... too much of publicity and as the second single was released, it went bland and predictable.

I felt disappointed for that artist. When her artwork was released for the first time around when I was in form 1 or 2, her songs were all about attitude with the real attitude in it. Then, as the 2nd album released, it went sober and sounded like some wannabe artist. Then, here comes the third album... it went so girlish, just because she got married! It changed, it's good to change but she changed too fast which I stop listening to her songs. Now, it's silent. Where is she now after making big bucks of that song with multiple language which including Chinese???

(I must say that although I'm not a big fan of Pink but I like her attitude compare to this girl.)

Told ya'. She is overrated and she fade too fast. Now, the music industry is all full of wannabes including the Disney's manufactured stars. Ugh... The real artists are all hidden and that's what I call realistic world. Face it, no money no talk. This classic phrase is still on the catch.

I guess, the only thing you can really listen on the surface of the industry is 'American Idol' and not some Disney's manufactured stars. If they were to ask to perform in front of Simon Cowell, here's what he will probably say,

"You can't sing, you can't dance, what else can you do?" "Go home and cry. Face the fact that you're just some handsome/pretty people just to brainwash the kids to pay you big bucks!"

I'd rather watch William Hung's horrible voice while wondering why so many ang mo poh surrounding him (she bangs she bangs) rather than painfully watching the overrated Disney's stars! It's really pain in the ass.

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