Thursday, June 4, 2009

Suicide note

Suddenly, I have the urge to express my insecurities of my recent fears. I couldn't breathe properly, think right and nervous. I can't stifle my shivers and trembles. What was it?

This is the vulnerability I can uncover for myself. The heart is thumping fast, blood rushing down in the veins and unstable mind. It's almost towards the feeling of fear. Fearing of something insecure that may bring in the sadness.

The mixed feelings is blanking my mind. I'm drawing near to confusion where my instincts barely running to rule the routines. Ouch.

Mysteries flow in and it feels as if I'm falling from my grace. Falling again and again till the very deep end of my grave. The song 'You Found Me' keeps repeating again. Awaiting but for what?

My eyes forbid my tears to roll down. Not even half a droplet. Mouth stop me from screaming, whining and crying. The infinity of questions circling my brains beginning to run wildly like a wild horse.

Butterflies in my stomach is turning real. I couldn't feel relieve from the air. My weakness is overpowering my strength. The weakness began to become stronger and turn itself to negative energy.

I'm beginning to sense numbness mentally. It's going to blackout soon. I'm reaching for help with my best. The darkness emerge quickly to overtake the positive.

It's here. I bid Goodbye and Goodnight to everyone. Before I knew, I've already reached the inferno to rejoice with the lost ones and hopefully the love ones.

Done. I wonder what are my readers thinking? Hmm... drop me comments. Nothing interesting. Inspired by the suicidal victims. I leave the creativity to the rest of you. Always be thankful and grateful. Au Revoir


chris@dotagaki said...

too dark for me to comment. I'm all sunshine nowadays.

Dani-Elle said...

Ohh... that's too bad. I'm actually helping the victims. :P