Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bored and bound to sleep

I'm grooving with the funky song that is circling around my head. My lips won't stop moving and chanting the lyrics. I think I'm diagnosed with OBSESSION. :)


I was looking for some shits of articles for my assignments. Oh gosh... So tired of reading and processing the information for the questions. It's not easy to get the articles you want. When you don't need it, that's when the time you find it annoying. However, when you need it, you turn to be so desperado. Damn... When will I ever stop finding? 3 Months later...

The best thing about searching for articles is that we are able to distinguish about what we learn and the purpose of it. Things that I usally overlook had been a turnback for me.

I found one site which is utterly cool. It's ToneMatrix.
You can actually make your own beats easily. Simple steps by moving your cursor and click it.

Oh... I just finished downloaded a video and I shall transfer it to my phone soon. The best video ever. I'm gonna watch when I'm cuckoo. I will watch when I feel like dancing crazily. Most probably, showing off to people and hopefully my phone does have decoder or the material can be read by my phone.

Off to bed

Was listening to Off The Wall


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