Saturday, June 27, 2009

Anything you wanna call it for this post.

Quote of the week:

People do things behind our back that we don't usually see. Life is more than that.

I better explain this clearly. I've learned that when one person is narrating their story, that's just the surface of it. There are even deeper description that could be important but we just don't know. Hence, life is more than the story. More than that.

Oh my, what am I spouting again?

Anyways, the tragic death of MJ has make me obsess with his concert where 8TV has just finished airing it. His concert is absolutely distinctive than others and the crowds are humongous. Oh wow... homosapiens after homospaiens gathering together. The whole place is full filled with humans! I ain't kidding. I remembered vividly that when I was a kiddie, I used all the Lego blocks to form 'HEAL THE WORLD' on my Lego plate board. That song made me cry as it touches my heart. My parents were the one that introduced me Michael Jackson and during that time, I couldn't differentiate if he is a male or female. Overall, he is or looks like androgynous. I was watching 'Black and White' music video back then and said 'He is cool!' Now, it's too heart pain to see him to leave... it's just like Kurt Cobain's sudden death.

Recently, I've not updated my *surprise surprise* daily routines. My timetable is changing frequently as the lecturers requests. Cancellations and reallocations. Besides, mostly every subjects' assignment are now evaluate as group work and no more longer individual work. This indicates that I've got to deal with more people and more attitudes. It's getting tougher. Well, what else can I whine... life's like this.

I am predicting that I'll be mute where I'm getting reluctant to talk much about anything. Talking much doesn't bring much benefits, might as well conserve my energy to listen songs and bobbing heads.

Good Night


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