Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cute dude

During noon, I had been taking nap for 3 frigging hours. That's the longest and most tired nap ever. What the hell was I doing in my sleep? That 3 frigging hours of nap seems to be useless. Still, sleepy as usual. Hence, before getting to bed, I wanna watch 'The Simpsons' and Russell Peters show's in Madison Square. Only the first part. It's still buffering and why don't I take some time to crap here.

My nails are growing longer and I can't wait to cut my nails. Wait... the word 'can't wait'... it could've been done right now or just now. 'Can't wait', another reason for loittering. Just close my FB and now opening my DA. Just to see anyone appreciate my artworks. I should go to bed sleeping with the magazines but I have to and is a must for me to watch comedies before getting to bed. Avoiding my recent nightmares.

Spotted cute guy in DA. Getting a closeup. Nice nose and pretty blue eyes.The body.. nah. My dear readers are so lucky as I'm about to upload the picture for you all. OOO.. wait... I saw woman nude art. The body line is sexy. Wow. She's not skinny but just fine. Sorry... no nude pix in my blog.

Now, I'm asking people to get me Spongebob Squarepants doll. Maybe Elmo from Sesame Streets. What about Patrick Star?

It's still buffering. Well... That's it. I'm just too frigging tired of waiting.

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