Saturday, June 6, 2009

Settle down in a sofa with a popcorn.

Let the posters do the title. No rankings.

Classic horror which I think it might be horror.

All the stereotypes you might find inside. That's for Americans. Imagine Ah bengs and ah lians.

Fake deaths. It could be hilarious for you. A teenage boy and an old woman having affair.

A classic from Tim Burton

That lady start the black trend

Dysfunctional family. Seriously dysfunctional.

I love the stunts. Awesome.

Another dysfunctional family but they have the Wilson brothers

My Mama said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get.

Adapted from Roald Dahl and the first book that I ever read from his work.

The something about Mary is funny shits. All time comedy.

I see dead people. So memorable.

Another Tim Burton

Good movie. Snoop Dogg is goodass.

Tim Burton work (again). Johnny was young. Creepy and good.

They are here. Yes yes... Poltergeist is here in my blog

Sounds maniac but Michael Vartan is in.

I watched this halfway.

This man is funnyshit. Damn funny.

See how Malaysia got portrayed and was banned in Malaysia.

I've watched the Fockers.

Ahaha... Maggots. I laughed like hell for this movie.

You had me at hello.

She's got my name.

British's highest grossing movie

Yes, I can see he is uncommon. From Tim Burton.

Adrien Brody and the Wilson brothers. For once, I thought it could be tea business. Judge it from the name.

Stupid but hey, it makes you love those animals.

Tim Burton again... I love how they portrayed the hell.

Sad love *bisexual* story. Not gay. Fishing trips.

What a wonderful world

Jake Gyllenhaal. One of the best movie from Jennifer Anniston.

Seriously, who would have thought that browsing the internet is so useful? What I meant was searching for the movies' plot and old movies that bring back my memories. Besides memories, movies that I tempted to watch.
Some are classic, some are stupid shits.
But, they are worth to watch even if it means all over again.


chris@dotagaki said...

thx 4 some movie suggestions :D Enjoy ur popcorn.

Dani-Elle said...

No problem. Harold and Maude is seriously funny.