Friday, June 19, 2009

I don't see why I'm not doing other things but to blog that I don't think I should be blogging

So, I'm watching Russell Peters again just to understand the style of jokes. This guy can just crack up and you'll just go laughing non stop.

Somehow, I find myself being discrete in personal and business. What's within business and that's it. No more personal in touch. Most people I see seems to kind- of -flirt when they are in the middle of business, regardless of the time, it could be in the process. While, I prefer to keep it restrict. Business means business. End of story. No more further relationship. Maybe that's why sometimes people think I'm cool, serious and boring. Nah, I don't care. Just as long as the stuff I demand has done, then I'm cool. Unless, they have a peculiar attitude which makes me trying to approach you so that I can get my things done earlier.

Classes had officially begin today. Thinking of my assignment teammates, to recruit or find new ones are hard as I barely knew them. At times, people complained to me that this person is not good, they don't do their stuff, they push the responsibilities away and etc. Honestly, I really have no opinions on them but I rather join with them the gossips.

Sometimes, I wish I can get my team mates relationship more than just business. Too bad. I don't think that fits me well. The extroverts usually can really have the mood to go yamcha with their new team mates.

I just submitted my FML. Hopefully mine has enough votes to be publish. I'm beginning to hate the quizzes in FB. I find the questions and answers are bullshit. I finished my ANTM's cycle except for cycle 11, 3, 2 and 1 as they sounded boring. I can't believe McKey won. She sounded and looked dead. Can't believe it. I read it in Wiki. Meanwhile, I'm chasing Survivor Tocantins. Reading quotes. Finish reading the books that I've borrowed. Start planning.

That face I use to think is handsome has just eerie me. *Smiled grinly*

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