Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The last picture might terrify you.

Apple crumble pie is easy to make and healthy dessert. Haha.. almost healthy. Green apple is the main ingredient. Granny Smith apple is the best choice as it's crunchy and the fragrance is better. Usually with 8-10 apples.

First, make the crumble by folding in the flour and castor sugar to the butter

Pour in all the slices apple into the hot pan with melted butter and sugar. Add in cinammon to enhance the flavor.

After cooked.

Scattered the crumble on top of the cooked apple. Voila.

Bake it in the oven with 200 degrees of Celcius for 10 minutes.

There you go. Serve it while it's hot and can be served together with vanilla ice cream.

The serenity that I enjoyed where all the clouds are with us. Like the Chinese Heaven Kingdom.

I stared at the dusk wishing it would last longer. Apparently, it only lasted in my album. The lalang looks beautiful with the combination of the dusk's colors.

Eyes are bound to close

After washing and blowing the hair. The fringe @ bangs has grew long!


chris@dotagaki said...

u were rite, it did scare me!

love pen said...

u were wrong , the previous picture caught my eye .... its very nice , nice angle and the blurry jus made it perfect ... wooo sexy >.<