Sunday, June 7, 2009

ANTMwannabes. Typical.

After watching 9 cycles of ANTM, cycle 12 had ended weeks ago. Few weeks later, I read the news that ANTM new cycle is looking for 5'7 girls to participate. Hmmm... I am around that range. So, I told myself why not try out just for fun. Who knew I'm the next top model.

Hence, I took passport pictures and profile pictures to try out.

My audition photos

One day, I got a call from TyTy. Oh my gosh. I went jumping up and down the whole house.

I got a called back by TyTy and I'm about to go for the audition. I met many girls there, although they are sweet but I'm here to win, not to make new friends. Then, it was my turn. I went in to the audition room. Oh my gosh, I see TyTy, Miss J and Jay. Ah... There goes the audition.

I entered this competition with hopes. It's my dream ever since I was a kid. I want this more than any other bitch in this competition. (This is what I told them).

Then, they had another call. I got called in. Yes. Finally. Almost there... yada yada yada.

Photo shoot was like okay. Jay said I did well in the photo shoot. During the elimination, I was shocked that I was in bottom two when Jay said otherwise. TyTy said that I've got the most potential but was lack of confidence while my rival has the beautiful face and doesn't know how to use it. In the end, I got another chance leaving my rival to go back home. I cried to thank her for believing in me again. Save!

TyTy said I shouldn't be modeling like this:

Instead, she gave me some modeling tips. Like hers:

Wonderful poses right?

I have a makeover where I went from long hair to short hair like Mia Farrow's hair in Rosemary's Baby as she said that it will featured my looks strongly. I'm proud to have that hair. I do really look good. During the makeover, there is this bitch cry and whine just to keep her hair from being cut. Jay Manuel couldn't handle it anymore till he told her to either quit or get her hair done. In the end, she get her hair done. What a whiny baby. It's just a hair. Hello.



As the each elimination weeks go by, I started to prove to TyTy that I have the most potential and should be deserved to gain the title America's Next Top Model. As weeks go by, I stand out more with my personality and my strong pictures. I knew all the bitches are intimidate by me but I don't care as I'm here to win. All the judges recognized my hard work.

In the house, I've met this girl, she is nice and kind but she has problem with her disease. Then, there this bitch who is so obsessed with her. Talking behind her back, stabbing her behind her back and kissing the judges ass. I told that girl that it's not worth to fight for as TyTy do judge us in the house too. Who is bitch and who is not. That bitch do have problem with anyone in the house. She just keep disturbing us with her alarm clocks, throwing her undies to one of the girl and many more. She is sick! She's a combination of Bianca + Monique + Melrose + Dominique= Bitch of all bitches @ Queen of the Bitch @ Dobimonrose. That's what we called her. In the panel, she always kissing the judges' ass. Thank goodness, they didn't buy her kiss.

As weeks go by, the house left 5 girls and TyTy gave us a hint as it's about the time to fly! That had this people to come out dressing and singing Malaysia Truly Asia (they have to highlight the name Malaysia as some of the girls here are clueless). Guess where are we going??? Malaysia. The country with high fashion and colourful cultures. All the girls yell and scream. We packed our bags and headed to the airport. To me, going back to my country has definitely bring back my strengths and I knew I can rock this.

One of the photo shoot in Malaysia was dressing up in different races. I was wearing the Saree and before the shoot starts, Jay advised me that I should show my friendliness in the picture. So, I listened to him. At the end of the shoot, Jay said I was terrified and I felt so confident. Then, here comes the bitch, she was portraying Chinese. Jay said that her photo shoot is painful to watch as she didn't get the instructions and the mind seems to be lost. I felt happy for that friend of mine. Meanwhile, my friend was wearing Baju Kebaya. Her shots are great and she have such strong features. However, Jay told her that she is not giving her 100%. I felt bad for her.

During elimination, the bitch and my friend was called to be in bottom two. I got shocked. TyTy said that the bitch takes great pictures but she seems boring. Meanwhile, TyTy commented my friend that she has strong pictures but does she wants to be here? In the end, it was my friend who got send home. I cried. I hugged her and whispered to her that I'll get this title for her. I will. She went home sadly, leaving me with the bitch and another girl. She left me a note thanking me for being supportive in the house. She wished me luck. So, here I am. The final three. I'll beat that bitch down!

3 girls, one Cover Girl ad to go, a runway to kill and who will be America's Next Top Model. The competition is getting tensed. Oh.. Miss J will be teaching us on how to walk. Miss J is funny. He has the most beautiful legs. He is married to a woman by the way.

Who will be the America's Next Top Model? Could it be the girl who has all the potentials, Danielle? Watch the episode finale to find out.

My favourite top models. No rankings.

Haha... Enjoy.


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I think u watch too much ANYM dy haha.

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