Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mountains and hills, Ups and downs

Lists and lists of mine had been post it up in my task note and none of them can be done on time. Every hour I'll remind myself to do this and that yet... it always delayed. I wonder why.

I'm almost done in cleaning up wastes from my room and academically. However, everything that could be done in a day has overpowering my will and it's funny to find it out where and when did it happen? Thou shall not recall.

The world would not stop and piles of problems always stack up endlessly which is why we need to solve them to move ahead. Sometimes, I stare at the clouds and ask when is it going to end? As time moves on, I found the answer. It's not going to end. All the endless matters are actually our obstacles in life. As each obstacles are solve, we usually learned new experience and grew mature. But, of course is for something good. Not learning how to smoke or on the high for wrong stuff.

When are we going to reach the ultimate goal? We will reach but stay there temporarily and move on again. It's just like climbing Mount Everest. You reach the highest part of the world and you would want to get down from the mountain. You see... I started to understand the resemblance of 'ups and downs in life' which is close enough to climbing mountains and hills. Life is never boring when it's all up and vice versa.

Thus, I try not to curse my life but smile with the misfortune that made me understood everything. So silly but simple. For those of you who are unaware what does ups and downs work for.. I say welcome to your life.

It's alright to go emotional. We are humans.

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