Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bag Packing

During the afternoon, Xiao Ke and I were talking excitedly about bag packing. Xiao Ke who is more dependent towards her maid claimed that she wants to experience the whole bag packing thing. Instead of sharing my dreams with her, I started asking her the worst case scenario since she depends so much on her maid.

  1. Are you willing to stay in the inn or YMCA?
  2. Can you deal with the straying life?
  3. What happens when you run out of money?
  4. Do you know that bag packing involves a lot of extreme exploration?
  5. Bag packing sounds cool but could be dangerous
  6. How much do you know about bag packing?
Immediately, she started to give another thought. Anyways, I reminded her to give me a call when she's ready for her bag packing. I need a companion.

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love pen said...

Yeee go bag packing call me lar .... ish ish .....