Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I attended my first class for the semester yesterday. Oh boy, it only lasted for half an hour. Not good for the first class.

When I enter the class, I look for seats and friends, I look at the whole lecture auditorium. Everything seems strange and awkward for me. But, everyone is the same. They stay the same, they sit with the same people, they talk the same thing. Meanwhile, I sat down beside my friend, Jacqueline and Wein Yi while waiting for Nisak to come.

I sms-ed her to attend the class as she thought class cancelled.
However, she came to the class 10 minutes than the fixed. At that moment, my lecturer was discussing about the policy in class. One of it was don't be late for class. Nisak was at the very back of the class, refusing to come down.

Well, I wasn't really paying attention to what my lecturer talking as everything was written down on the slides. The feeling of awkwardness had came. Everything seems strange to me. It felt as if I've not been to the campus for ages. I look around. Turning my head looking for Nisak. Looking at the seat in front of me. Looking far left. Looking everywhere else but not on the lecturer. Yes. Everything seems strange and new to me. 'What was that?', I asked myself. The answer didn't appear but seemingly weird. This whole description seems like as if I've just recovered from amnesia or short term memory.

Tonight's class is going to be me alone by myself. Nik is away for her personal problems. I wish to be lone ranger for the moment.


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