Friday, August 28, 2009


The coldness had made me curled even more in the bed. I was supposed to get up around 7 something to make bloody stupid payment in campus which is to avoid long and tiring queue. Yet, I reached there around 9 something and I managed to get it settled by 10am. This is what happens when your CIMB Clicks got suspended.

My tree

My apple's skeleton

The candle of hope

New Life

A gift

My dream window

The tree that I wish to see before I die

Two days ago, I can feel the tension is building up in me but I can't just simply go out and scream. Thus, sketching, my old hobby had taken me back to my memories where I used to vandalise the school textbooks with my sketches. In the end, I have to erase all of my sketches. Padan muka. My sketches are just amateur's artwork. To the artistic people, please bear with my horrible scribbles.

I love the leaves hanging over the roof. :)

In order for me to soothe myself , I went to Din's cafe to had a hot drink and sat over the (what you call that table?) bar table or counter table to enjoy my new songs and continue revise my BET. Yet, I still bump on to the fucker, I choose to be ignorant and held my nose high. I'm living proud and I ain't regret for what I have done because I deserve better life. Peace.

Besides, now I know why humans chose to be ignorant. That's because being ignorant means staying out of troubles and saving up all the hassle. Sadly, that's why we all are selfish. Over selfish. Don't be a pretender that's even stinkier. Just say No if you really mean NO.

I don't know what to blog today but I only want to add up some pictures. Those wordings are just to make the post even dramatic.

See my 'X' marks on my feet! Totally awesome!

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