Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sun bathing

I woke up and curled under my blanket, it's cold and I'm not ready to leave the bed although I can't continue sleeping anymore. So, I stared at my window to observe the shadows for my sketching. Recently, I've been sketching a lot.. ok... yesterday and today only. I had wasted my carbon lead on to the clean white sheets paper that's filled with my drawings. :)

The sun. Wee!

So, I sat here for sun bathing. Perfect!
Ok.. so after my 9am class, I felt so cold and frozen. Drinking hot water and bathing hot water, totally useless. Hence, I looked upon the sky, the sun is shining. Yea! I took a seat under the warm sun and it's only 10am. It felt so warm, I sun bathed for half an hour. It felt so good and people were staring at my direction towards the unlikely sun. Then, it reminded me of Bimbos and Girly girls, I don't complain about the sun but is the heat that the sun produces that irritates me. These girls complain so much about the sun and little did they knew when is the best hour for vitamin D absorption.

Yeah, no theories today.

I'm still under the state of confusion and I leave it restricted to my borders. I'm confused.

Sometimes, people just love to ask me things that aren't related to them and it's useless for me to tell them. It's not as if they are going to help me but to make things worse. Don't ask if you can't help. Keep your mouth shut if it's none of your business. Humans are just so funny. Secrets won't be secrets if its reveal. Respect people's privacy if you don't want karma to work. These days I had been emo-ing and I thought a lot. I know.

There are people who work less harder and they have better lives while the hardworking ones are vice versa. Is this the fate that they should accept?

An express of gratitude can make one person's day happier. Learn to say thank you each time for what you have. Be grateful for what you have. I should be thankful for unfinished tasks.

I already owned it, Neon (12.47am). Fucking awesome.

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