Saturday, August 8, 2009

Humans will never reject money

In the midst of spreading my philopsophy through my blog, XX was crying loudly because she doesn't wants to sleep alone and hands got to laid down to put her to bed for 20 minutes. The battle was unwinding long. Yet, that little cutie had fallen asleep like an angel.

These past few days, I've been searching for inspirations on assignments and ended up field triping unconsciously. Oh well, to compensate the responsibilities, I will unleash to another character. Bitch, I guess.

I learnt a new philosophy,'Humans will not reject money', in my belief and evidences, this is sinfully true. Money is the root of all evil, I would say. Indeed, humans are never satisfied with what they have and often took things for granted. The only time when they realize is already too late, usually. Where should we put the blame? Please point your fingers to yourself. Yes, we are the ones that's greedy and avarice. To satisfy their desire self interest, they rather betray and sell their own flesh, they would sacrifice their strong bonds with their friends, they preferably play games behind their back and these are just the basics. Hurting the feelings of their loved ones without resent is only slightly inhuman. Needless for me to mention who are the loved ones, you should know better. The severe inhuman acts are creepier than you could have thought if it's in your shoes.

Somehow, humans do change for good and bad. Just don't forget your roots and origins.

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