Thursday, August 20, 2009

Purple Crane

Word of the day: Fetish

I've been warned by Jonathan that I should be careful before I fell into the bloody hole that's too deep. Everything's been so blur to me these days. My current assignment that's bound to be submit... I kept editing, scrolling, reading and so on just so the whole topic didn't run off.

Shoots, period pain on attack, it causes me to distract my thoughts by concentrating on the pain only. Damn, it's so bloody pain. My deep deep thoughts had blown off. What the fuck...

Anyways, I was surprised to say this to someone whose intellectual is high. I said,'never put on high hopes that you're uncertain of'. That applies to the present and future. All in all, just go with the flow. Appreciate what's right in front of you now and enjoy it while you still can. Who knew I had short span life.

Finally, I found my dream table. Yes, dream table. Weird dreams that everyone could have least thought of. Table that is big enough for me, top with all books that resembles my fort and papers everywhere just like the river. :)

Days ago, I was freaking bored and aside from flipping pages, I found something interesting to fill the time. I took my chewing gum wrapper and did something fun.

Purple Crane

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