Saturday, August 29, 2009


They are just so ignorant, no wonder they sucked in their geography tests.

I found something interesting in a list of phobias. Fascinate in every ways.

Ambulophobia Fear of walking
I guess crawling to a destination is somewhat faster. Or was it meant for animals?

Androphobia Fear of men

Anglophobia Fear of England, English culture, etc
Hate the England

Arithmophobia Fear of numbers
This is not gonna make you rich if you don't know how to deal with numbers

Aurophobia Fear of gold
A gold's fool

Bibliophobia Fear of books
Siapa tak suka baca buku?

Botanophobia Fear of plants
The world is dying when they exist

Cacophobia Fear of ugliness
You are uglier

Caligynephobia Fear of beautiful women
Aiseh, natural beauty. What a pity

Cenophobia / Centophobia Fear of new things or ideas
This is so old fashion

Chrometophobia/Chrematophobia Fear of money
Money money money, its so funny. In a rich man's world.

Chromophobia/Chromatophobia Fear of colors
I'll see you in Black and White

Chronomentrophobia Fear of clocks
Las Vegas's casinos phobia

Cibophobia/Sitophobia/Sitiophobia Fear of food
Taking batteries?

Clinophobia Fear of going to bed

Didaskaleinophobia Fear of going to school
This is us when we were very very young

Dipsophobia Fear of drinking
Dehydration lar

Ephebiphobia Fear of teenagers
That has to be in the age of Benjamin Button

Geliophobia Fear of laughter
Geli, you laugh when you feel geli

Genophobia Fear of sex
Haha.. the world will be in a better condition. Is it?

Gerascophobia Fear of growing old
That's why Botox existed, am I right, Prime Minister's wife?

Hierophobia Fear of priests or sacred things
Must have been worshipping satans

Judeophobia Fear of Jews.
This is so discriminative, Adolf Hitler!

Microphobia Fear of small things
Especially small keypads

Plutophobia Fear of wealth
Pluto..shouldn't it be Fear of Mickey Mouse's Dog

Sesquipedalophobia Fear of long words
How cynical. You own the longest words among them after all.

Technophobia Fear of technology
This is living in cave

Vestiphobia Fear of clothing
Naked feels more comfortable eh?

Zoophobia Fear of animals
Let's do it Happy Tree Friends way!

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