Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bruises and pains

These days, I tend to fall and bleed painfully, which is of course physically. However, I didn't manage to take pictures of my bleed, bruises and pains.

Days ago, my feet accidentally hit something hard. So half an hour later, I just realized that my toes were bleeding and of course I didn't make it into a whole drama out of it. No one knew for the past 30 minutes. Besides, this is also my first gruesome bleed on my feet. Well, I wouldn't dare to get out of the class 30 minutes later so I bear with the class for an hour. Yet, I don't feel any single pain. God blessed me.

After class, I went to the toilet to wash off the blood, I was limping by the way, Thank goodness there's no one in the toilet. Otherwise, I would be treated like a freak. :D

Anyhow, I peeled off the nails that got torn and wash away the blood stain that had dried up.

Later on, I went back home and trimmed off the nails to avoid infection (which is kind of extremely late). Lastly, I applied ointment on it just to get rid of germs. The next day, whaddya know... it came off nicely done.

Then, the following days, I fell down from the stairs, accidentally bump on to the table, my fingernail bleed and neck got too stiff that it hurts for days. Lastly, yesterday, I almost fell down in the toilet. Almost. God Blessed Me. Cheated accident.

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