Saturday, August 22, 2009

Love, Danielle

Originally, I intended to spend the whole day by focusing on Business Ethics subject but 'surprise surprise' I went back all way down to Tangkak to visit my grandfather who is being miss by all of us. Time wasted but to my love ones, it's priceless.

Oh, I gave away my time to reveal the true colors of human which is also priceless time. My precious time had been invested in the activities of exploring varieties characteristics of the other side in humanity. It's worthless although I must admit that it is painful, hurtful and agony. Nevertheless, I manage to comfort myself by achieving the highest tip of disclosing the darkest side of every individuals. Voila! I made it.

What I see is what I believe.
What I hear is what I trust.
Whatever that lies beyond the hind will be divulge one day.

As long as I have my necessaties, I should be able to survive.

The most hated person.

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