Friday, August 21, 2009

Machap Baru's Dinner



Mei Mae

Garlic Pork

Days ago, Susu, Rachel, Mei Mae and I went all the way to Machap Baru to have hilarious dinner. Initially, we thought of going to play GoKart or Paintball but it's too late for us. Well, that's because it's kinda dangerous to drive around in somewhere unfamiliar places especially Machap Baru. So, after Rachel picked up Mei Mae, Me and Susu, we headed down to Alor Gajah district to have good food. Little did I knew, Susu actually printed the map from Google Map in case we got lost.

It was 5 something in the evening, we headed down to Durian Tunggal. The back seaters were sitting freely without seatbelts. How unfortunately that we bumped on to police road block, seat belts were on immediately and out again.

So, the whole journey is just a straight road (I think) and inside the car is filled with laughters and excitment. Laughing all the way to Machap Baru. Even when we had our dinner. Our dinner lasted one hour and half. The only time I go to Machap Baru is during CNY because the whole kampung is merry with their red lanterns and fireworks. It's fun to see how these people celebrate the festival plainly. Of course, for those city slickers, they might find that district is just too sleepy hollow. Not for me. I enjoyed looking the architecture of those olden houses that still stand strongly.

Machap Baru is known for their exotic foods such as wild boars, lizards, frogs, anteaters and so on. But, we didn't order those dishes even though they are exotic. :D (But their garlic pork is definitely delicious)
Majority of the residents are Hakka Chinese and they have delicious food.
Apart from those, there are many routes to enter Machap Baru and one of them is where they have one big lake. The only time the lake looks extraordinary is during sunsets and sunrises. Amazing. Unfortunately, we didn't use that route.

Around 7pm, we finished our dinner and headed off back to Melaka Tengah. Since the GoKart is just too expensive, we went for bowling instead. After one game of bowling, we wanted to visit the planetarium but it was closed. From there, we went to visit Susu's house before going back home.

I don't know what to do with this solar power flower. Don't advise me to place it in the car.


The Exquisite Instigator said...

haha. y don't u wanna put it in the car?

danielle said...

It's too typical to place it in the car. Next. LOL

~rachel~ said...

ahahaha...i just noticed u put up the photos ad... haha... mei mae looks really excited to start her meal... look at her face and her hand gesture... haha. unforgetable nite yea.. sigh... too bad all the places close ad :(