Monday, August 24, 2009

Of Swissroll and true colors

I manage to fight for my rights yet I saw the true colors of all.

They are right. Why argue and explain? Just walk off.

The true colors I saw was a tremendous disappointment and at one moment, I almost fell into pieces. No one was there to pick up my pieces. I was left alone to pick up myself. As I felt useless to explain and being taken down, I was such a fool for everyone. How do you feel when you are in my shoes?

I don't know what the fuck am I expressing but all I can ever tell is that the feeling of being vulnerable without shield is totally awful. For numeral times I felt that way and told myself to let go yet I couldn't take it anymore.

Thankfully, I have few people stood up for me. At least my self esteem had bounced back.

This morning, I found something fascinating. Swiss roll from JJ is definitely solid. 'Solid'. I always had my own way of eating it by pealing the layer of the roll. Yet, JJ's Swiss roll is definitely one of a kind. I unroll it and this is what happened. One long stretch. Fascinating huh? The usual ones are fragile.

My December- Linkin Park (one good emo song)

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